Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha spoofed in hilarious new video

Aussie actress Yvonne Strahovski parodies Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Justin Bieber in a spoof new pop video.

Clive Owen shows off 'Hemingway' tash

English actor Clive Owen sported a heavy-duty moustache while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ewan McGregor lined up for role in Greenpeace movie

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is being lined up for a role in the new Greenpeace movie.

Schwimmers 'frightening' research for new film

Researching the world of online sex predators for his new film terrified David Schwimmer.

Angelina Jolie to take on Elizabeth Taylor role?

Oscar-winner Angelia Jolie has expressed interest in playing screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in a new film that chronicles her and Richard Burton’s infamous love affair.

Robert De Niro hopes Mel Gibson "gets through" racist rant scandal

Movie legend Robert De Niro hopes Mel Gibson will "get through" the fall-out over his damaging racist rant tapes.

De Niro confirmed for new action movie

Screen legend Robert De Niro will appear in a new action movie being shot in Australia, it has been reported.