Kellan Lutz turned down Edward Cullen audition

Kellan Lutz has revealed that he turned down the chance to audition for the part of Edward Cullen in Twilight because it was ‘too depressing’.

The 26-year-old actor, who eventually accepted a role as Edward’s big brother Emmett, while Robert Pattinson took on the other part, said that he just didn’t feel that the character was right for him.

“My agent wanted me to read for Edward and I read the script and thought that character was too depressing for me right now, I want to do something where I smile,” he told JustJared.

“I wanted to take a break from acting and I said that, I turned it down, I turned down the audition a couple of times. Ryan, my agent at the time really knew it was going to be a special project so he told me to read the role of Emmett, and I read it, it was only about four lines, but he was the big brother, the comedic relief and I fell in love with him. I said ‘Sure, I would love to play this type of role’.

“I auditioned, and long story short, here I am finishing the saga and Emmett is going to be in my heart forever.”

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