Some random pics from the week. My last blog post, I promise!

July 4th, 2011


Ok this is my last Winterfest blog post I promise!


Just want to say thanks to many of the people that looked after me along the way. Simon Green and Fay Whittaker from Winterfest. Gizelle from Destination Queenstown. Lucy and Amelia from The Spire Hotel (AMAZING PLACE!!) Mike and Tracey from Ballarat Trading Company, Guy Alty from Burton NZ, Tom from Amisfield, Duncan from Mt Edward, Mel Patten my Queenstown buddie, Ingrid Leary and her children who have been teaching me to snowboard. Cath and Becs from the Motogrill, Karn Hall from George FM, DJ Tim Phin, QT boy Deni Bevin, Colin West from No. 5 Bar and Simon and Ronnie from Subculture.


Here are some pics that for one reason or another I didnt get time to post through the week. Enjoy...



Cassie Kerrison and I at Mt Edward Vineyard. They had the perfect outfits for us all ready and waiting!

The gorgeous Ice Box where many of the Winterfest events were held... I felt like a princess every time I arrived!



My very first party night in QT, with gal pal Mel Patten and the Grizzly Bear at Ballarat's!


Night time ice skating right in the centre of Queenstown.



A late night Ferg Burger always hits the spot. Try their Tropical Swine... Pineapple, beef, cheese and salad. Perfect for any drunken sailor!


Ok that's really it from me. Thanks for sharing my Winterfest 2011 journey. If you havent been to Queenstown it's about time you sorted it out and headed on down.


As for Winterfest it's most certainly the funnest week of the year and I plan to enjoy many more to come. So if you're thinking of going next year and you want advice on the best way to book flights or where to stay just hit me up and I'll help you plan out the trip of a lifetime.


Until next year,

Your girl in the snow, Anna J :)