How to spot a Cougar

July 2nd, 2009

Want to try sex with a vibrant, sexy Cougar? You have to spot them first. Here are a few pointers…

Not to put too strict parameters on my fellow Cougars, they are usually:
- 35 years of age plus
- Well turned out (good makeup, flattering and usually expensive clothes, gym bodies)
- In a group of like minded, usually boisterous, outspoken women
- Not afraid to buy pricey alcohol, usually champagne
- Rarely on the dancefloor, instead opting for tables, booths or standing, usually close to the bar

Cougars are not usually bashful. If a woman comes up to your group of mates and starts a conversation, ANY conversation, someone in your group is in with a grin. Forget playing coy, although they will usually dispense with small talk and cut to the chase. If they offer to buy you a drink, you have it made.

Many are not afraid to play reversed roles here, so if you offer once to pay for the drink and they insist, let it go. They probably have an ex-husband’s money to burn, so enjoy it. IF HOWEVER: you have no intention of spending time with this Cougar, be it just at the bar or in the bedroom, politely decline the drink.

Next keep an eye out for your cues to get a bit closer to her. These will be the usual flirty playing with their hair, touching your arm, shoulder or face (“don’t you have lovely skin!”), or even pinching your cheek. Respond to these by mirroring their actions – except for the pinching of the cheeks – this will not go down well.

At this point most Cougars will make a suggestion that will take the dalliance further. They might ask if you want to ‘bump into each other’ in the bathrooms, slip you their phone number (I gave a 21 year old my card, he texted me five minutes later asking what I was doing. I replied, ‘if you come here, you.’), or out and out ask you back to theirs.

It is unusual for a Cougar to go to your place. Be aware that Cougars tend to move quickly – if they don’t find you to be promising prey or your attention is diverted from them by a sexy younger woman, they will quickly move on.